This website was mainly created for me to experiment with HTML and JavaScript. It is also where I will keep links to any future programming projects that I might do. The main use of this site is for storing my Overwatch hero generator but I might create more things in the future. Those things may or may not be web-based and downloads will probably be provided from an externall website due to small amounts of web space.

Overwatch Hero Generator

The main purpose of the hero generator is for displaying which heroes are good for certain situations, and for randomly choosing the hero for you. Even though it is always best to pick the hero you are good with yourself, it's sometimes more interesting to generate a random hero and only play as them in quickplay. Blizzard even made a weekly brawl based on this very idea before. It's fun to challenge yourself to try your best, even when the hero you play as is not good for the specific situation. However, if you do want to still be useful to your team with the random hero generator, then there are options that will generate the hero with certain conditions. However, you should remember that   this tool is intended for quickplay, custom games, or the weekly brawl only. DO NOT USE THIS FOR COMPETITIVE! 

Implemented features:

Possible future features:
  • All heroes added
  • Generates a random hero
  • Displays name of generated hero
  • Displays image of generated hero
  • Different categories of heroes to choose from
  • Uses jQuery for animations
  • Display abilities of generated heroes
  • Choose more than one condition with a checkbox

To Do list:

[_] [Added:2017-07-29 22:52:34] Create an Overwatch time to level calculator using js
[_] [Added:2017-07-29 22:54:06] Change the search bar in news to search the body text and add separate tag buttons
[_] [Added:2017-07-29 23:01:17] Create a username generator using js
[_] [Added:2017-07-29 23:28:48] Integrate a mySQL database into the Overwatch random hero generator script.
[_] [Added:2017-08-10 15:37:59] Integrate a database into the Overwatch content calendar.

[] [Added:2017-08-10 15:38:37] Make an Android app for the Overwatch Hero generator. [Completed:2017-11-11 18:47:43]
[] [Added:2017-07-29 22:56:08] Fix the background to have one not repeating image at the top and then either a solid colour or repeating pattern below [Completed:2017-11-11 18:47:14]
[] [Added:2017-07-29 22:50:07] Add latest news to the sidebar [Completed:2017-08-07 01:58:01]
[] [Added:2017-07-29 22:49:51] Re-arrange the sidebar to have more relevant stuff at the top. [Completed:2017-08-07 01:57:47]
[] [Added:2017-07-30 20:57:25] Remake the articles to use a single file with auto generating pages. [Completed:2017-08-06 23:24:44]
[] [Added:2017-08-04 16:54:06] Update OverTool GUI to actually work properly with latest command changes. Also add and update checker and user tracker to it. [Completed:2017-08-05 00:10:27]
[] [Added:2017-07-29 22:52:04] Create a random Overwatch hero creator using js [Completed:2017-08-03 01:10:44]
[] [Added:2017-07-29 22:50:41] Integrate all software changelogs to news using tags [Completed:2017-07-30 00:01:14]
[] [Added:2017-07-29 22:28:02] Add a to do list to about using mysql [Completed:2017-07-29 22:33:51]
[] [Added:2017-07-29 21:55:08] Create a todo list table [Completed:2017-07-29 21:55:08]