Some details in the Rise and Shine animated short.

Here are some small lore details in the Rise and Shine animated short.

Newspapers and Magazines

Magazine by Insight

Shows the Slipstream jet and members of Overwatch

Atlas News still image

Shows police attacking an omnic.

U.S. Politics magazine

Exposing Blackwatch secrets.

Overwatch Fractured

Unknown Source.

Tomorrow Magazine

Explaining what omnics are. This suggests that Mei slept through the integration of omnics into society. It may also have an allusion to Daft Punk.

King's Row Times Magazine.

Confirms that Mei slept through the King's Row uprising. She was asleep for 9 years but the uprising happened 7 years ago.

The World Inquirer

Confirms that the world knew about Mei's base. It also could show the location of Ecopoint: Antarctica, as that's where the storm appears on the cover.

(Atlas News?) interview with Mondatta..

It mentions Turing Green. This was a project to bring peace to omnics and humans in King's Row and it was the major plot point of Uprising.

Atlas News newspaper.

This image was seen before. It mentions the Petras Act and Overwatch disbanding.

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