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(2017-08-18 20:48:43): OverTool GUI v2.2

New features:
-There are now two separate commands assigned to each button: a letter command and a word command. These can be switched between using two radio buttons based on which type is supported by OverTool.

Bugs fixed:
-"Run as OverTool.exe command" button would not insert a space after OverTool.exe.
-Output path was not displayed in quotation marks and it would cause problems when folder names had spaces in them.
-Leaving the command output window open and then running a command would not update the command output until it was manually closed and opened again.
-Output path was not counted as a setting and therefore it would not be saved or loaded with other settings.

-Re-arranged the layout of the buttons to make the custom command text box longer.
-Added contact information to the help window.
-Added more info to help:
--Mentioned GUI status in [General Info]
--Added [Custom Command]
--Added [Command Type]
--Added [Troubleshooting]
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(2017-08-05 18:51:23): OverTool GUI v2.1

-Added a .dds to .png file converter
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(2017-08-04 23:50:41): OverTool GUI v2.0

-Completely redesigned the GUI
-Moved the console window to a separate form
-Rewritten all commands to be more compatible with OverTool (They now use words instead of single letters)
-Compressed the 6 "Additional Arguments" fields into a single field
-The "[number]" section of some buttons replaced with just "*"
-Added some documentation and instructions to a help button
-Separated Custom Command into "run as mode" and "run as OverTool.exe" options
-Added a GUI status indicator
-Added an optional flags field
-Added an update checker at launch
-Added a user tracker for analytics
-Added these new commands:
---Game Modes
---Game Types
---NPC Voice
---Hero Voice (Previously just "Voice")
---Announcer Sound
---01B Audio
---Weapon Skins
---Map Audio
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(2017-06-02 14:50:00): OverTool GUI v1.2.5

-added tool which automatically converts all .wem files to .ogg files in a folder
-added support for itIT language in the GUI
-fixed language flag in the GUI after latest overtool.exe version changed how it works
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(2017-05-05 18:24:00): OverTool GUI v1.1

-Buttons send commands to overtool.exe
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