Yernemm - Post: [A]How to confirm the datamined Junkertown line

Recently, Tumblr user "aku no homu" datamined an annoucer line for Junkertown. Here is a detailed guide on how to replicate these results:

  1. Make sure you are running a version of the PTR that has been decrypted. The latest working version can be found on the Facepunch thread HERE. I will be using version of the PTR.
  2. Download the required tools:
    1. CASC Explorer: DOWNLOAD HERE
    2. ow.keys file for your version of the PTR (the linked file was tested with version DOWNLOAD HERE
    3. OverTool GUI (to convert the extracted file to .ogg so it can be played): DOWNLOAD HERE
    4. VLC Media Player (or any other program that can open .ogg files): DOWNLOAD HERE
  3. Extract CASC Explorer and ow.keys into the same folder and make an output folder, like this:
  4. Open CASCExplorer.exe and click on the folder icon in the top-left: 
  5. Find your "Overwatch Test" (PTR) installation folder. Select it and click OK. 
  6. Navigate to files\Win_SPWin_speech_RDEV_LenUS_EExt\0B2\ 
  7. Find the 00000004331C.0B2 file, right click it and click extract. 
  8. In the menu, navigate to your output folder and press OK. 
  9. In the output folder, a series of folders will appear which eventually contain the extracted file. 
  10. Rename the file by adding a .wem extension to it. 
  11. Open OverTool GUI and click on the .wem to .ogg converter button. 
  12. Paste the path to the folder containing .wem file and click convert. 
  13. A new .ogg file will be created in the same folder which can be listened to using VLC media player. This is the Junkertown line. 

Created: 2017-08-16 08:18:16 PM (UTC)
Last Updated: 2017-08-16 08:27:55 PM (UTC)

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