Yernemm - Post: [A]Datamined infromation from Overwatch Anniversary 2018

Overwatch Anniversary 2018 datamined information.

Patch version:

This information was extracted using OWET:

When extracting strings, new strings usually appear near the bottom. Because the double xp strings are near the bottom next to all of the other anniversary strings, it suggests that it is intended for Anniversary 2018. There are also a couple of interesting strings for a PlayStation Plus exclusive feature. I do not play on console so I do not know what this could be about.


Image of datamined strings.

double xp

Recent string additions:

00000000865E.07C: Valkyrie Healing Efficiency
00000000865F.07C: %1$s Valkyrie Healing Efficiency
000000008660.07C: Intercom
000000008661.07C: CANCEL
000000008662.07C: Rialto
000000008663.07C: DEFEND
000000008664.07C: ATTACK
000000008665.07C: falling
000000008671.07C: |Rpl %1$s:Ultimate:Ultimates; Earned - Fractional
000000008672.07C: %1$s |Rpl Ultimate:Ultimates; Earned - Fractional
0000000086C3.07C: Mission
0000000086DD.07C: Venom
0000000086EC.07C: Lightning
0000000086ED.07C: Bitrate
000000008727.07C: Direct Hit Accuracy
000000008728.07C: %1$s Direct Hit Accuracy
000000008764.07C: Regeneration
00000000877F.07C: Deathmatch
000000008780.07C: Competitive Deathmatch
000000008781.07C: Competitive Deathmatch
000000008782.07C: Rise up the ranks and compete with the best Deathmatch players in the world!
000000008783.07C: MAPS: Château Guillard, Petra
0000000087AD.07C: Dance
0000000087AF.07C: Akandeversary
0000000087B1.07C: Nine of Clubs
0000000087B3.07C: You can't win
0000000087B6.07C: Cothrom an Lae
0000000087BE.07C: Jubileum
0000000087C3.07C: Dance
0000000087C7.07C: Dance
0000000087C9.07C: Nine of Hearts
0000000087CB.07C: Eight of Spades
0000000087DB.07C: Buy
0000000087ED.07C: Petra
0000000087EE.07C: From May 8–May 21, Blizzard Entertainment will donate 100%% of the purchase price for your purchase of the Pink Mercy skin on to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Blizzard Entertainment will disclose the total amount of its donation following the end of the campaign. BCRF’s mission is to advance the world's most promising research to eradicate breast cancer.  
For more information about BCRF, visit
000000008800.07C: Rialto
000000008801.07C: DEFEND
000000008802.07C: ATTACK
000000008803.07C: falling
00000000880F.07C: Petra Deathmatch
000000008810.07C: Climb to the top of the scoreboard. The deadliest hero wins.
000000008811.07C: MAP: Petra
000000008833.07C: 2 Anniversary Loot Boxes
000000008834.07C: 5 Anniversary Loot Boxes
000000008835.07C: 11 Anniversary Loot Boxes
000000008836.07C: 24 Anniversary Loot Boxes
000000008837.07C: 50 Anniversary Loot Boxes
000000008838.07C: Each loot box contains a combination of up to 4 cosmetic items and/or in-game credits, including a minimum of one Anniversary item among those items. Loot Boxes can be earned through in-game systems.
000000008845.07C: Loading Shop
000000008846.07C: Cancel
000000008849.07C: MERCYCHARITYSKIN
00000000884B.07C: 820cd3bf-69b1-4564-9d1d-0e9d33959f2f
00000000885E.07C: Support BCRF
00000000885F.07C: Buy
000000008866.07C: Title
000000008867.07C: Queue
000000008868.07C: Min EL
000000008869.07C: Leader
00000000886A.07C: Hero Slots
000000008871.07C: Dr. Jamison Junkenstein wants revenge. Four wanderers have come to stop him...
000000008872.07C: NORMAL
000000008873.07C: Dr. Junkenstein and his minions march upon the castle.
000000008879.07C: HARD
00000000887A.07C: The minions of Dr. Junkenstein grow stronger.
00000000887B.07C: EXPERT
00000000887C.07C: Few will survive the night.
00000000887D.07C: LEGENDARY
00000000887E.07C: Fallen wanderers will be immortalized in legend.
00000000887F.07C: Junkenstein Endless
00000000889C.07C: No Limits Payloads
00000000889D.07C: Defeat the enemy team without any limits on hero selection.
0000000088A9.07C: Pink
0000000088AA.07C: Unlocked by participating in the 2018 BCRF charity event
0000000088AB.07C: Ribbon
0000000088AD.07C: Pink
0000000088AF.07C: Cure
0000000088B1.07C: Ribbon
0000000088B4.07C: Unlocked with purchase of Pink charity skin
0000000088BB.07C: Together
0000000088D2.07C: Lunge Cooldown Time
0000000088D3.07C: Lunge Distance Scalar
0000000088D4.07C: Lunge
0000000088D5.07C: Damage - Storm Arrows
0000000088D6.07C: %1$s Damage Done
0000000088D7.07C: Storm Arrow |Rpl %1$s:Kill:Kills;
0000000088D8.07C: %1$s Storm Arrow |Rpl Kill:Kills;
0000000088DB.07C: Storm Arrow |Rpl %1$s:Kill:Kills; - Avg per 10 Min
0000000088DC.07C: %1$s Storm Arrow |Rpl Kill:Kills; - Avg per 10 Min
0000000088DD.07C: Storm Arrow |Rpl %1$s:Kill:Kills; - Most in Game
0000000088DE.07C: %1$s Storm Arrow |Rpl Kill:Kills; - Most in Game
0000000088F9.07C: Storm Arrows quickly deal immense damage to enemy barriers and other easily hit targets.
0000000088FA.07C: Use Lunge to quickly move into and out of cover.
0000000088FB.07C: Ends May 21
0000000088FC.07C: New Charity Skin!
0000000088FF.07C: Pink Mercy
000000008900.07C: Storm Arrows Quantity
00000000890D.07C: Formal
00000000890F.07C: Stealth
000000008911.07C: Buccaneer
000000008913.07C: Forest Spirit
000000008915.07C: Björn
000000008917.07C: Magician
000000008919.07C: Sherlock
00000000891B.07C: Cybjörn
000000008927.07C: Time Played Since 2.23
000000008928.07C: %1$s Time Played Since 2.23
00000000892B.07C: Legendary Anniversary Loot Box
00000000892C.07C: Anniversary 2018
00000000892F.07C: You need to learn to relax
000000008931.07C: Charging
00000000893E.07C: Have a bad feeling about this
000000008940.07C: I've seen worse
000000008942.07C: Do not rouse the dragon
000000008944.07C: How do you like me now?
000000008946.07C: Patience
000000008948.07C: Inconspicuous!
00000000894A.07C: Can you hear me now?
00000000894C.07C: Wake up, sleepyhead!
00000000894E.07C: ZUR ZUR EE NUM
000000008950.07C: Let's not do that again
000000008952.07C: Why didn't I think of that?
000000008954.07C: Come here...
000000008956.07C: No problem!
000000008958.07C: Let's get physical
00000000895A.07C: Pathetic
00000000895C.07C: That's my business
00000000895E.07C: Stay on target
000000008960.07C: Want something done right?
000000008962.07C: Can't keep a good ape down
000000008964.07C: You need healing
000000008966.07C: Let us discuss your failures
000000008968.07C: I knew I forgot something
00000000896A.07C: The pleasure is mine
00000000896C.07C: Take it on the chin
00000000896E.07C: Your lack of belief
000000008970.07C: Good news, everyone
000000008972.07C: This was a triumph
000000008974.07C: Unbelievable
000000008979.07C: Leave this to an expert
00000000897B.07C: No problem
00000000897D.07C: It's just a flesh wound
000000008983.07C: Competitive Deathmatch Competitor
000000008984.07C: Unlocked by completing Competitive Deathmatch placement matches
000000008985.07C: Competitive Deathmatch Hero
000000008986.07C: Unlocked by achieving top 500 ranking at the end of Competitive Deathmatch
000000008987.07C: Competitive Deathmatch Competitor
000000008988.07C: Unlocked by completing Competitive Deathmatch placement matches
000000008989.07C: Competitive Deathmatch Hero
00000000898A.07C: Unlocked by achieving top 500 ranking at the end of Competitive Deathmatch
00000000898B.07C: Unlocked by completing Copa Lúcioball placement matches
00000000898C.07C: Unlocked by achieving top 500 ranking at the end of Copa Lúcioball
00000000899D.07C: Quick Play
00000000899E.07C: Competitive
00000000899F.07C: Arcade
0000000089A1.07C: Competitive play will be reenabled after the new version of Overwatch is released.
0000000089A4.07C: Damage
0000000089A5.07C: Support
0000000089A6.07C: Tank
0000000089A7.07C: Any
0000000089AE.07C: %1$s's Group
0000000089BE.07C: Parasol
0000000089DA.07C: Time Played Before 2.23
0000000089DB.07C: %1$s Time Played Before 2.23
000000008A0F.07C: 40
000000008A10.07C: 75
000000008A11.07C: 150
000000008A12.07C: 300
000000008A13.07C: 450
000000008A14.07C: 750
000000008A15.07C: 1000
000000008A16.07C: Earn these rewards by participating
000000008A17.07C: Thanks for playing!
000000008A18.07C: - Earn points by defeating enemies
- Match ends when a player earns 20 points
- Top 4 players with the highest scores win!
000000008A3C.07C: Wink
000000008A3E.07C: 60 credits and a free gift of 24 Anniversary Loot Boxes
000000008A3F.07C: 30 credits and a free gift of 11 Anniversary Loot Boxes
000000008A40.07C: 15 credits and a free gift of 5 Anniversary Loot Boxes
000000008A41.07C: 5 credits and a free gift of 2 Anniversary Loot Boxes
000000008A43.07C: 120 Credits, and a free gift of 50 Anniversary Loot Boxes +1 Legendary Loot Box
000000008A46.07C: Requires PlayStation®Plus to play
000000008A47.07C: Exclusive PlayStation®Plus offer available
000000008A4B.07C: Get Playstation®Plus
000000008A68.07C: OWLEGENDARY00000
000000008A6A.07C: LOADING...
000000008A6D.07C: Deathmatch
000000008A8D.07C: New Map
000000008A8E.07C: The Party Ends
000000008A8F.07C: June 11
000000008A90.07C: Unlock Past Event Items  /  Play Past Seasonal Brawls.
000000008A91.07C: Come experience the wonders of Petra in an all new 8 player deathmatch.
000000008A94.07C: Close out the anniversary with our
000000008A95.07C: Double XP Weekend
000000008A96.07C: Now Live!
000000008A99.07C: For the first time ever!
000000008A9F.07C: Competitive Play
000000008AA0.07C: Earn these rewards by participating
000000008AA1.07C: Deathmatch
000000008AA3.07C: Invalid Options
000000008AB9.07C: You need PlayStation®Plus to access this feature.
000000008ABA.07C: You will not be able to use this feature until you join PlayStation®Plus.
Do you want to cancel?
000000008B14.07C: Not available while in party.
000000008B2B.07C: Competitive
000000008B34.07C: Gift


A lot of away skins:

Away skin strings

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