Yernemm - Post: [A]Overwatch patch: Datamined strings

Overwatch patch:

Datamined strings:

Summary of what this could mean:

More likely predictions:

  • Overwatch has, or will have, 2 age ratings in some country or countries. It determines the age of the user upon login and locks away certain content if the user is under 15 but over 12.
    • This may have something to do with recent lootbox controversies and the argument that lootboxes could be a form of gambling.
  • There may be an arcade mode (or modes) which changes weekly as opposed to the current mode that we have which changes daily.

Less likely predictions:

  • Potential for an overwatch stats API (Could just be the stats used in the world cup or the OWL)


Evidence (Images):



Created: 2017-11-18 01:26:16 AM (UTC)

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