Yernemm - Post: [A]Overwatch Summer Games 2017 String info + Console Report system datamined


You can use my GUI to make this easier:

Simply extract strings, copy output to a text file and search for all references to Summer Games.

This is from the current, LIVE, version of the game: Overwatch Version

Image of said strings:

"000000004A70.07C: The Summer Games return for more fun in the sun! Your favorites from last year are back alongside 40+ new items!"

There are many encrypted strings with "available in summer games lootboxes" below - probably new items:

There are also references to a console report system:

"0000000069CC.07C: Violation: Gameplay (PSN / XBL)

Your fellow players reported you for a gameplay offense. This includes griefing, inactivity, ongoing harassment, physical harassment, and scams.

After a thorough investigation of the evidence, we have Suspended your Overwatch account. As the owner of this account, you are responsible for all actions associated with it. We will only overturn penalties if there is evidence of a compromised account or similar extenuating circumstances."

I found a string which may suggest a beach theme for the cosmetics. This string could mean anything - it could even be a name of an item that's already in the game but I am unable to confirm this right now. It's only one vague string though and I don't know if it was here last year too:


"000000004A6C.07C: Back to the beach"

If you know any in-game items with that name or description, feel free to leave a comment to clarify this.

There was a date found too but it's most likely for Summer Games 2016 and not 2017. This is because this is the exact start and end dates for Summer Games 2016.

"000000004A81.07C: August 2 - August 23"

Videos covering this topic:


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