Yernemm - Post: [A]Overwatch Uprising Event Leaked Trailer Analysis

The Overwatch "Insurrection" event is launching on the 11th of April but a leak has already shown what the event will be like.

Here is a table of enemy types and objects in the event, with some speculation:

(The image quality is not great because these are screenshots taken from the reuploaded leaked video.)

Fast Running Enemies

The look similar to velociraptors, especially in the way they run.

They seem to have a gun mounted on top of them but they are not shown shooting during the trailer, instead they simply run towards the players. They will probably be the fast but easy to kill enemies.

Humanoid enemies

These look like normal humanoid omnics with guns as their hands, similar to Bastion but without turret from. They will probably be the common, standard enemies.

The one shown in the second picture has spawned from some sort of drop pod. This may be unique to this enemy type, or it might be the same for all enemies.

Barrier Field Enemies

These enemy type resembles Reinhardt, as it holds a large barrier in front of it. Although the actual barrier seems smaller than Reinhardt's barrier and it looks more like a square instead of Reinhardt's rectangle.

These will probably be more rare tank-like enemies. I presume they would be harder to defeat and might have more health. Although all the other enemies seem to be rushing past them. so I presume that the barriers are just for self-protection, not for protecting other enemies.

Possible Boss: OR-14?

The previous Overwatch PvE event - Junkenstein's Revenge - had bosses in the forms of The Reaper, Junkenstein's Monster, Dr Junkenstein, and The Witch. I expect this event to also have bosses in a similar style.

The image shown looks like a skin for Orisa, as it follows the OR-15 design. However, as this is 7 years in the past, this could actually be a version of the OR-14 omnic. This could simutaneously be a skin for Orisa and an event boss, just like the Junkenstein's Revenge bosses were also hero skins.

If this is, in fact, a boss, then I expect it to have the primary fire similar to Orisa's. However, I doupt it would have the barrier and halt ability that Orisa has, because those are things added by Efi.

Possible Objectives: AA Turrets?

At least two of these turrets are present on the map. Due to their apparent significance in the trailer and the comic, I suspect they might be objectives that the players might have to destroy or disable. However, they may just be decorative with no gameplay significance.

If they are objectives, then I specucalte that they will be similar to capture points that have to be captured (disabled) before the next stage of the map. The next stage would probably be delivering the payload bomb shown in the comic to the Underworld.

Possible Objective / Hazard: A Bomb?

This is seen just at the entrance to the factory section of King's Row, above the Underworld. It seems to have the same hovering devices at the bottom that every other vehicle does in Overwatch. This could mean that it functions like a payload, but it also looks a lot different to the bomb shown in the comic. The trailer also shows Reinhardt shielding from it which suggests that it is a hazard to the player, so it might also be a form of an enemy attack.

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