Yernemm - Post: [A]Overwatch Halloween 2017 all items

This is mainly for people who are unable to play the game right now and want to see the new content.

(I will update this post during the next few hours)


Main menu:



Ana (Pirate)

McCree (Van Helsing)

Mei (Jiangshi)

Reaper (Dracula)

Symmetra (Dragon)

eye on gun actually moves

Torbjorn (Viking)

Zarya (80s)

moving sound things on side of gun

Zenyatta (Cultist)

eyes on orbs move

Emotes (stills):

Mei (Hopping)

Torbjorn (Batter Up)

Victory Poses:

Orisa (Pumpkin head)

Sombra (Pumpkinette)

Hanzo (Skewered)

Junkrat (Pumpkin)

Lucio (Pumpkin Control)

Tracer (Pumpkin)

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