OverTool GUI


OverTool itself is outdated so there will not be any further updates to this program. An alternative, OW Extract Toolkit, is now available!

This program provides a GUI for OverTool. OverTool is a tool used to extract data from Overwatch (aka datamining). OverTool is a command prompt based tool so it can be difficult and time-consuming to use for people who are less experienced with command prompt. Because of this, the OverTool GUI provides a graphical user interface which allows you to use the main functionality of OverTool without typing in commands. It's as simple as clicking a button. I did not make OverTool itself, but I did create the GUI.

How to install:

  1. Download the latest version of OverTool and all required files from the official website HERE
  2. Extract the OverTool files into a folder.
  3. Download the latest version of OverTool GUI by clicking the download button below.
  4. Extract OverToolGUI.exe into the same folder as OverTool.exe
  5. Open OverToolGUI.exe

Current version: 2.2

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Archive of all versions Changelog Screenshots and Tutorials



[Aug 22, 2017] Video tutorial on version 2.2 of the GUI by Mr.Tipson


Program in action. Console. wem to ogg converter. dds to png converter.