Overwatch and Paladins comparison

+ Pro

- Con

* Neutral difference



 + All heroes unlocked from the start  - Have to unlock or buy champions
 + 4 game modes  - 2 game modes
 + 13 maps  - 6 maps
 + 22 heroes  - 17 champions
 + Can play against other players from the start  - Stuck with playing against bots at the start
 + Hero stacking in quick play; can have more than one of the same hero per team  - No champion stacking, even in casual play
 + Can switch hero at any time during a match to counter the enemy's composition  - Cannot switch champions during a match
 + Headshots deal double damage  - No headshot hitboxes
 + All instances of the same hero have the same stats; the only customisation is cosmetic  - Unlockable cards can upgrade abilities; some players receive an unfair advantage
 + Good sound design; enemy footsteps and callouts are louder than your team  - Poor sound design; usually can't hear nearby enemies
 + Simple quick callout menu with the mouse for sending quick messages to the team  - Convoluted command menu which prevents you from moving when trying to send a "quick" message
 * 6v6  * 5v5
 - Can take a while to get back into the fight after respawning  + Horses provide a quicker way of transport after a respawn
 - No hero upgrades during a match  + Same upgrades available to everyone which can be bought as the match goes on
 -£30 for base game  +"Free" to play, £11 to unlock all champions