Yernemm - OverWatch Extract Toolkit

This program provides a set of tools which can be used to extract files from Overwatch, including a GUI for DataTool. DataTool is a tool used to extract data from Overwatch (aka datamining). DataTool is a command prompt based tool so it can be difficult and time-consuming to use for people who are less experienced with command prompt. Because of this, the DataTool GUI in the OW Extract Toolkit provides a graphical user interface which allows you to use the main functionality of DataTool without typing in commands. It's as simple as clicking a button. I did not make DataTool itself, but I did create the GUI.

Simple setup instructions:

  1. Click the "Download" button above to visit the GitHub releases page for OWET.
  2. Click on "OWExtractToolkit.exe" or "" below the latest release to download the latest version.
  3. Extract OWExtractToolkit.exe anywhere.
  4. Open OWExtractToolkit.exe
  5. Open the settings menu and make sure the Overwatch game path is correct
  6. Press the "Download Latest DataTool" in the settings

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