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The earliest recorded time I worked on this website was in October of 2016. Although, I think I first began working on it earlier than that. I tried making various websites under different names years earlier but I never really tried any actual web development. By launching, I gave myself a place to experiment with html, css, and javascript. Probably the first tool I made was the Overwatch Hero Generator, which has since remained as one of the most visited pages on here. In the early days, I used a standard web host for this website and a very basic and ugly html layout without much styling. Eventually, I moved to using Bootstrap to give the website some more structure. Some time later, I started experimenting with using a database to keep information and generate the pages with php. All of this experimentation eventually lead to the website structure being quite messy. In July of 2019, I have decided to rebuild my website from the ground up. On the 9th, I purchased a vps and got to work, learning how to host an nginx web server with node.js as the backend. I have also redesigned most of the website with a new style. Instead of using generic Bootstrap templates, I started using W3.CSS for most of the pages to give it a more stylised and modern look. This is the website that you see today.



News and Blog

Site news can be found on my TiddlyWiki blog. Linked Below.

A more direct website changelog can be found in the GitHub commits.