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Hey! Welcome to my site! I usually use the names "Bakk" or "Yernemm" online and I created this website. I host many different web-based and standalone projects here, as well as some written work. I always appreciate any feedback or questions so feel free to leave a comment on any page or use one of my contact links to send me a mesage! I read every message and I usually reply if required.

This website was mainly created for me to experiment with HTML and JavaScript. It is also where I will keep links to any future programming projects that I might do.

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All Projects - Detailed Descriptions

Standalone Tools:
Mee6 Leaderboards Data Scraper
OverTool GUI [OLD]
OverWatch Extract Toolkit
Overwatch Playtime Counter
Web Tools:
Fantasy Character Name Generator
Mei's Winter Experience
Meme Name Generator
Overwatch Fake 4chan Leak Generator
Overwatch Hero Generator
Overwatch Random Hero Concept Creator
Pat Pat Pat!
Online Browser Games Collection
Overwatch Content Calendar
The Entire Bee Movie Script
Outdated or Obsolete:
Overwatch/Paladins Comparison
Sombra ARG Tracker
Overwatch Timeline

Contact Links:


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