Attack of the Teves

(Alternative title: Siege of Teves)

Attack of the Teves Thumbnail

Download Available Here

A game originally made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 55 game jam. Made in the Unity engine in C#. I did the main programming, audio done by mMonolih, 3D art done by YoruVII.

The theme for this game jam was "Summoning" so we eventually came up with the idea of a character who cast a spell which endlessly summons bombs around them. This character can then kick the bombs into enemies to defeat them.

The story is: You are a former-football-player-turned-wizard named Messy the Wise. You enter a kingdom under siege by demons known as Teves. You cast your endless-bomb-summoning spell and enter.

Main features:

  • Bombs spawn around you, they explode over time.
  • Kick bombs in front of you (on the indicator).
  • Bombs that move fast enough become lit. Lit bombs explode on impact with enemies and player.
  • Careful, Teves and Bombs will damage you.
  • There are 3 enemy types which each behave differently.
  • Defeat all the Teves to win!