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A game originally made in 7 days for Brackeys Game Jam 2022.1. Made in the Unity engine in C#. I worked on the entire game alone, including programming and 3D art.

A first-person robot-themed murder mystery where the murders keep happening as you play! You have a certain number of attempts/time to find the killer. Walk around the building and flick through the cameras to catch your suspect but watch out, they have the ability to lock all doors or make the lights go out!

The theme for this game jam was "It is not real". My usage of the theme was that one of the bots is not a real robot and will try to kill other robots. So, a murder mystery.

You will have 10 minutes to find the one robot that "is not real", as it is an evil smelly human in disguise. The human will murder your fellow robot friends and will mess with the environment. When you think you figured out who the human is, click your suspect. You have 5 attempts. Look around and use your cameras to find the killer within the time limit to win!