This website is an ongoing project that has gone through several iterations ever since I initially started it in 2016.

The main purpose used to be a place to host various web projects I was working on at the time.

With the 2024 reworked version, I am to use it to compile all of my public projects into one place. This may include web projects, but also other things I've been working on like games, bots, software, etc. Not everything will be downloadable but I want to at least document them.

The website itself.

Similarly to the last iteration, I'm using React with Next.js. This time, I'm hosting on Vercel due to their automated processes (and because it's free). The previous version was manually hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS, running on Next.js and NGINX, which gave me a bit more control over the web configuration, but I never really needed that. Hosting directly on Vercel makes things simpler.

To simplify things more, I'm using a markdown parser for the more text-oriented pages (like this one!) One thing that always bothered me about adding more pages in the past was having to remember how all the code works again, but just dropping in a .md file is a lot quicker. Certain pages that rely more on custom code can still be done manually in case I need that.

At the time of writing, this website is still in development.

My old website was still getting a small amount of visits. I didn't want to remove it, but I also didn't want to go through the hassle of porting everything over to the new system -- which I had to do several times in the past with each iteration. Turns out, because that site was running on an, admittedly old, version of next.js, I was pretty much able to just drop it into Vercel and it just worked. It's hosted under the domain with a couple redirects set up for the more popular pages.